Programs and Events

Check out the list below for current regular programs and events sponsored by UHS Wellness and other partners on campus. Everything on this list is open to all students, postdoctoral fellows, house staff and clinical fellows. You can also check out these events on our calendar. Know of something missing? Email us at

Virtual and On Demand Content

UHS Wellness Small Grant Program - Fall 2020 Application Cycle

We are currently seeking applications to a small grant program which will fund student or trainee-led well-being initiatives (up to $1000). Applications are due Monday November 30, 2020. Students and trainees from the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Bloomberg School of Public Health are eligible to apply. More information on how to apply can be found on our UHS Wellness Small Grant Program page.

Productivity and Well-Being Accountability Group - Fall 2020
(Brought to you by UHS Wellness and the Professional Development and Career Office)

Staying motivated and productive can be difficult during these challenging times. While we unfortunately can’t address every challenge you are facing right now, this program was designed to build community and develop skills that will support your well-being and enhance your productivity. The goal is not to illuminate some magical secret to a productive and happy life (there is none), but rather to help you identify what works for you— so that you feel good and work smarter.

The goal of this program is to provide a space to not only discuss these topics, but put them into action! Think of it as a mix between an accountability group and a mini workshop. Each module will consist of two 30-minute sessions, held one week apart. The first week, we will introduce the topic and discuss how to practically implement the concept. When we reconvene the next week, we will debrief, troubleshoot and share ideas. Groups will be kept small so that we can better interact with one another and if necessary, we may open up additional sections based on demand. We will also set up a Microsoft Teams group for each module, so we can stay connected and motivate each other during and after the module.

You may pick and choose which module(s) you would like to attend or sign up for all of them.
Register here.

Module 1: Program Intro & Growth Mindset Part 1
The program kicks off with a chance to get to know each other a bit and then we will spend some time getting our minds right. We will learn about the growth vs fixed mindset concept, work to identify which of these you are experiencing in different aspects of your life and set strategies and goals for strengthening that growth mindset. This approach will prove helpful when building the skills presented in the following sessions, as well as in all other aspects of life!
Dates: Friday Sept 25, 10-10:30 am; Friday Oct 2 10-10:30 am

Module 2: Prioritizing Tasks and Planning Your Day
Do you ever feel like you are spending a lot of time working but not making progress on your most important tasks? In this session, we will talk about ways to focus your attention more purposefully and efficiently on priorities, and structuring your day in order to minimize time spent on less valuable (but sometimes necessary) tasks.
Dates: Friday Oct 9, 10-10:30 am; Friday Oct 16 10-10:30 am

Module 3: Maintaining Healthy Habits
Every day we make hundreds of choices that can impact our health. Some decisions might be conscious, and others can be the result of subconscious habits. In this session, we’ll discuss how our habits impact our health and identify strategies for maintaining healthy behaviors that benefit us, and shaking those not-so-great habits.
Dates: Friday Oct 23, 10-10:30 am; Friday Oct 30 10-10:30 am

Module 4: Identifying Your Strengths and Self-Care Assessment
Ever notice that some things come more naturally to you than others? Some activities may make you feel energized and productive, others a bit drained. During these sessions you will take an assessment to help you clarify your awareness of your own strengths so that you can set goals to intentionally use them. We will also talk about self-care... What is it exactly? How do I incorporate it into my life? How do I identify what types of changes I can make for the biggest impact on my wellbeing?
Dates: Friday Nov 6, 10-10:30 am; Friday Nov 13 10-10:30 am

Module 5: Email and Meeting Best Practices
Don’t worry, this meeting should not have been an email. Meetings and email are necessary, but using them most effectively is a skill worth honing and will pay dividends. We’ll talk about some best practices you can incorporate in your life.
Dates: Friday Nov 20, 10-10:30 am; Friday Dec 4 10-10:30 am (2 week break due to Thanksgiving)

Module 6: Growth Mindset Part 2 & Keeping it all going!
In this last session, we will do a refresher on growth mindset and dive a little bit deeper into how our thoughts can impact our wellbeing. We will talk about identifying “unhelpful thoughts” (AKA cognitive distortions) and strategies to replace them with those that promote a happier, more productive life. This program will be the most meaningful if you are able to keep these new skills and habits going beyond these sessions. To support this, we will talk about how we intend to keep the momentum going!
Dates: Friday Dec 11 10-10:30 am; Friday Dec 18 10-10:30 am

Resiliency & Leadership Workshop Series

UHS Wellness is sponsoring a 4-part workshop series, facilitated by Sel J. Hwahng, Ph.D. and David Makonnen, MBA, M.Ed.

Discover new ways of being and acting to EXPAND your resiliency and leadership. You can participate in one or more of these workshops held via Zoom. Each workshop will consist of a short lecture, discussion in small groups (breakout sessions) as well as a large group, and reflection exercises.

Register here to participate in one or more of the following workshops.

Workshop 1 – Self-Care and Integrity
Monday 11/2/2020 12-1:15 pm
Most of us have a notion of what self-care is. Many of us also have a notion of what integrity is. In this workshop we will explore the relationship between self-care and integrity within the context of resiliency and leadership.

Workshop 2 – Imposter Syndrome and Authenticity
Monday 11/30/2020 12-1:15 pm
Many of us are stopped from being fully self-expressed in our lives and work due to Imposter Syndrome. In this workshop we will explore the pathway to authenticity as a way to effectively address the Imposter Syndrome.

Workshop 3 – Growth Mindset and Being Given Being and Action by Something Bigger Than Oneself
Monday 2/1/2021- 12-1:15 pm
A growth mindset is characterized by learning from mistakes, embracing one’s boundaries, and readily asking for support. In this workshop we will explore the alignment between a growth mindset and living your life where you are committed to something beyond your personal concerns.

Workshop 4 – More Helpful Thoughts and Being Cause in the Matter
Monday 3/1/2021 12-1:15 pm
More Helpful Thoughts arise from looking for opportunities for continual growth and development. In this workshop we will explore the relationship between More Helpful Thoughts and seeing oneself as the source of one’s experience of life.

Sel J. Hwahng, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies at Towson University, Instructor in the R3 Center for Innovation in Science Education, and an Sc.M. candidate in Cardiovascular Epidemiology at JHU BSPH.

David Makonnen, MBA, M.Ed. is a Consultant for the United Nations International Office of Migration and faculty in Early Childhood Education with the Seattle Colleges.

UHS Wellness and Cooley Fitness Center Virtual Fitness Classes

UHS Wellness and the Cooley Fitness Center are offering free weekly virtual classes though zoom. Please refer to our calendar and the Denton A. Cooley Fitness Center website for a wide variety of virtual fitness classes available to all (including weekly Nia and Pilates classes which are sponsored by UHS Wellness). You can also visit the Cooley Center YouTube channel for on-demand classes. Additional virtual fitness classes are available to Hopkins students through the Ralph S. O'Connor Recreation Center. Please refer to the UHS Wellness Calendar for Zoom Meeting information.

JHU COVID-19 Resource Center

COVID-19 is bringing a lot of changes to our lives, including stress and anxiety. Johns Hopkins has put together a wide variety of resources to help you cope during this challenging time, including webinars and other health and well-being information.

PDCO: Virtual Drop-In Office Hours

Drop-in and chat with Dr. Kate Bradford, Associate Director of PDCO, about PhD and Postdoc career-related topics on Wednesdays from 9-11 am. Drop-in hours will be small group discussions that each have a different question to start the conversation. Attendees are welcome to ask questions on other topics including career exploration, negotiation, interviewing, networking, writing job application documents, navigating postdoc applications, and more. Chats will close at 10:15am if there are no attendees. Open to all Hopkins affiliates. Email PDCO at for for Zoom Meeting information.

Daily Mindfulness Sessions with Dr. Neda Gould

Mindfulness meditation can be an excellent resource to manage stress and anxiety during uncertain times. Dr. Neda Gould, faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Mindfulness Program, will be leading daily meditations. Sessions will be 30 minutes in length and will include a variety of mindfulness meditation practices in a virtual format. Mindfulness sessions take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12 PM, and Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am. Use this Zoom link at the scheduled times to join. Meeting ID: 747 490 420. Open to all Hopkins affiliates.

Somatic Meditation with Sandeepa Sur

Please join Sandeepa Sur daily for Somatic Meditation via the Zoom link that can be found on the UHS Wellness Calendar. Sessions are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5 pm, Tuesday and Thursday at 12 pm, and Saturday at 11 am. Sandeepa is a Research Fellow in the Department of Radiology, with a PhD in cognitive science that focuses on attentive and pre-attentive control mechanisms. She has personally been a meditator for 9-10 years, with 7 years of training in these particular practices. Open to all Hopkins affiliates.

JHU Counseling Center Virtual Workshops and Discussion Spaces

The Homewood Student Affairs Counseling Center is offering free live workshops and virtual discussion spaces. Workshop topics include mindful living, stress management skills, and wellness workshops. Discussion group information can be found here. The discussions include groups for international students, graduate students and topics for coping with COVID-19. Open to all Hopkins affiliates. Dates and Times Vary; Visit the JHU Counseling Center to view the workshop schedule.

The Modern Board Game Society 2020 Hopkins Escape Room

Do you like escape rooms? Think you're good at puzzles? The Modern Board Game Society invites you to grab a friend and try out the 2020 Hopkins Escape Room! This escape room is full of puzzles and ciphers for you to play with. Can you make it out in time? Will you be the first group to finish without taking any hints? Come test your skills here!

Healthy Cooking Classes

Cooking Across Cultures is a program to celebrate the cultural diversity within our Hopkins community through cooking classes led by fellow peers from different backgrounds. Students and trainees gather together (virtually) to learn how to cook delicious and nutritious dishes from different cuisines.

Healthy Sleep Habits: Sleep Rounds with Dr. Rachel Salas

A sleep discussion and Q & A session with Dr. Rachel Salas, Associate Professor of Neurology and Nursing at Johns Hopkins Medicine. The session includes the topic of sleep hygiene and sleep tips to assist with the challenges associated with COVID-19. Many people experience disrupted sleep due added stress, intertwined home and workspaces, and changes in lifestyles while sheltering in place. The session is moderated by a few of the JH GME Health Systems Science (HSS) Distinction Track Scholars: Dr. Carlos Romo, Dr. Mandar Jadhav and Dr. Alexandra Barany.

Mental Health Primer for International Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Academia and research can make for stressful environments, and maintaining good mental health practices is integral to a productive and happy career. Regretfully, mental health is too often a taboo subject in many cultures. This webinar seeks to explore the definition of mental health, common mental health problems native to the academic/research community, strategies for coping with these issues, and resources at JHU, and is now available to view. This webinar includes presentations from the Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program, University Health Services, and the School of Medicine Benefits office. Thank you to the Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Association, the Graduate Student Association, and the JHSPH Student Assembly Quality of Life Committee for their help putting this session together.

UHS Wellness Posture Break

Is working from home leaving you stiff and sore? Your posture may be suffering from leaving ergonomically designed office chairs and desks to sitting for longer periods of time at a home work station. This 20-minute video will lead you through a seated and standing posture break with simple Pilates-based stretches and movements to help you feel better throughout your day. You can also view a list of the exercises as well as slides of the exercises with descriptions.